Private coaching is available upon request.

$35.00 per individual 30 Minute PT session

OR to fast track results check out the All inclusive membership

HIIT Bunker offers a variety of different sessions from private coaching to team training sessions that are designed to suit all fitness levels from beginners to athletes. No day is every the same with every single circuit different from the previous day. Your body will be kept guess and ever adapting as the exercises change and the circuit timer is changed daily. There is no room for a plateu at HIIT Bunker.




The Furnace is a High Intensity Cardio focused Circuit session. No day is ever the same and the timer is forever changing. Keeping you on your toes, nothing is off limits in the Furnace, you will be using equipment such power bags, battle ropes, kettle bells, chin up bars, slam balls, truck tyres, power racks and much more! You will learn to expect the unexpected in the Furnace! Be ready to work hard and shred Fat Fast!



Skulpt is a free weights circuit workout. Using a combination of dumbbells, barbells, balls, benches, racks, resistance bands and body weight movements. This session is designed to tone, tighten and strengthen the major muscle groups and assist in the body 'skulpting'  process while the body shreds fat! This weights sessions is designed for all fitness levels. You wont be sitting on a bench for 2 minutes between sets wasting time in this session. 



Streets is an all in cardio smash. You will be put through three different types of cardio programs all smashed into the one session. Featuring a combination of Boxing for Fitness routines, Body weight cardio moves and our HIIT Bunker exclusive "Junk Yard" car tyre cardio program. 

Streets will have you sweating, burning calories and increasing your cardiovascular fitness all in the one action packed session. 



Saturday morning Incinerator sessions will be a 1.5 hour action packed super session.  Combining one hour of a weight & strength focused circuit, followed by half hour of a surprise workout that will change each week.

You could be surprised with a sweat dripping boxing workout or maybe cardio focused circuit, maybe a Gravity body weight circuit or even our all in car tyre program! You will just have to attend to find out what is on the agenda.